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About Us

Miss Mystery is a luxury women clothes brand, oriented towards the contemporary woman who wants to stand out with stylish and convenient outfits. Our goal is our handmade products to highlight feminity by providing an aura of mystery and preeminence on women passage.

Miss Mystery was established after a 20-year experience in the field of fashion. Flowing dresses, laces and transparency along with elegant, unique and comfy design clothes, make every woman’s silhouette even more elegant after the right choice of textures and colors. Thus, there is always an alternative choice, without effort, for every lady to feel chic and free as a real Miss Mystery.

According to Matina Giogiaka, the fashion designer of the project, Miss Mystery is addressed to all women who want to meet their needs, to feel cozy and comfortable but more than anything else to feel good and have self-confidence when wearing quality clothes.

The brand choice was aroused by the word Mystery, as its meaning is not random. Matina believes that every woman has her own mystery. They all radiate confidence and their unique aura should be featured through high quality clothes, as they deserve.
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